Saturday, April 24th, 2021

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

The shadow is the unknown, denied, or repressed self. It lurks beneath the surface of consciousness influencing our world in ways we do not recognize. To work with the shadow is to reclaim these lost parts of our personality, a process that brings us into greater awareness of our strengths, creative potentials, and wholeness of our being.

In this class we will explore 4 cards of the Major Arcana from the Rider Waite deck that emphasize different aspects of the shadow, drawing upon historical, mythological, and philosophical concepts to highlight the diverse archetypal elements in each card.

This class is available to all experience levels. If you’re unable to attend live we will email you a recording and materials.


  • Jungian theory of shadow and archetypes

  • 4 Major Arcana: the Moon, the High Priestess, the Devil, and Death

  • Mythological examples of the Tarot archetypes

  • Prompts to understand the 4 Major Arcana

  • Reading practice

Please have a 78 card Tarot deck for use. If you're unable to acquire a deck, the facilitators will draw cards for you.